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A request from usako


There are question that.
"I do not understand because
I am a beginner."
but in fact,
Dressmaking is simpler than origami.


I will affix the clothes with an adhesive tape as if I were making a paper dress.

There are many questions that I do not understand because iI am a beginner, but, in fact, dressmaking is simpler than origami.

Everything does not have to stick.

Because I can see the from onc is enough.

The tape only has to be stick to the shoulde and top

About a sleeve.
The tape only has to be stick to the a shoulder and top.

Be care full not to use too much tape as it will become a problem.

Have a go by your self.

It is easy to come to understand what kind of turn I should have sewed it with.

Once you have an idea of where to sew .
It will become easie to understand.

Before you make the final product,
Try it out with a miniature first.




In other window.

There is an A4 size printout of a miniature.

Instructions on how to use the gathers to connect the sleeve and the body of the jacket.

Especially the lengths are armhole different from sleevecap.

Using glue and tape try to make the miniature by your self.

You can make the shape and form in about 5 minutes.

Free paper pattern rules download

These clothes are intended only for the person downloading and printing them.

They are not to be shared with other people or parties.

Other than members of your immediate family, it is not permitted to distribute the patterns.

However, if you need to print out the download again or need to enlarge or redact it in size, you can do so..

However it is not permitted to print the document out and distribute it.

It is OK to cut patterns on material for your friers, without showing them the original pattern.

Can I sell the i made item with use the free paper pattern?

Yes. Feel free to sell your items at auctions, markets or to your friends.

If you sell the items on the internet, please link with the Usako website.

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T-shirt = 1456
Sleeveless =1123
Tight skirt = 4689

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she bears no responsibility for any losses or damages as a result of this web site.

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Requests are not being accepted.

I understand the password of the download if I read the rule of the paper pattern download properly.

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