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How to a sewing video

How to make a pants (trousers).

How to make an apron.

How to make a jinbei 1
(How to sew the kimono collar.)

How to make a easy skirt.

How to make a T-shirt.


How to make a cat bag.

How to make book jacket

How to make a hand bag.

How to make a sanitary pads.

How to make a pocket tissue case.

How to Make a bag.

How to make a mask.


How to sew the zip fastener.
How to sew the conceal fastener.
(invisible zipper. )


How to sew the shirt collar. 

How to sew the stand of collar.


How to sew the sleeve.

how to sew the cuff.

How to make the jigot sleeve.

How to sew the shirring.

How to sew gathers. How to make frills.

How to sew the hem stitch.

How to lock stitch.

How to french seam.

How to sew the zigzag parts.

How to sew the vent.


How to sew the bias tape on a slit.

How to sew the bias tape.


How to fold an orgami of sailor blouse.

How to fold an origami of shirt.


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