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How to make a Sailor Moon of leotard.

tailored collar jacket of paper


Use the stretch (leotard) Fabric.

1) For these clothes, please use the elastic cloth and thread by all means

Paper pattern.

cosplay2 articles of trade
Bag & cap etc...


2) Put the back body together face to face.

Sew the center back.

3) Spread open the seam.
4) Put the front body and back body together face to face.

Repeat on the under lining end.

5) layer sailor collar on cloth folded inside out and sew around.
6) Just like illustration collar which shown outside place marking pin 2~3mm from outside. and sew up without getting wrinkle.

7) As above, reason of (6)

because when human wear clothes, collar suppose to follow curve of neck.

Outside of curve is longer than inside of curve. That's why filled up the gap reason, 2~3mm need to be inside more.

7) Collar layer on the bodice which made it front place collar neck temporally.
(about 5mm from outside)

8) Put the under lining and right side body together face to face.

9) Make a cut on collar 's margin to sew up. After make inside out only bodice.
10) Avoid sailor collar, place inside out on the bodice by stitching.
How to sew sailor collar is after the open fastener on the movie.
11) wad the sleeve

prepare sheet type cotton.


12) Fold and wrap the cotton.

Sew the edges together about 2-5mm in from the edge.

13) Like on the illustration, sew the sleeve
14) Attach a cuff on front side only, avoiding the back side.
15) Sew the sleeve at the front side each other,
and sew the sleeve the back side each separately.
16)Sew a lining of sleeve-hole.
Sew a lining of body of garment by hand and close it loose
17) Sew the lower body.

Spread open the seam.

18) Put the front body and back body together face to face.
19) Put the back body (lining) together face to face.

Sew the center back.

Spread open the seam.

20) Put the front lining and back lining together face toface.

Sew the side.

21) Put the lower body and lining together face to face.

Sew the crotch.

Make a cut on crotch's margin to sew up.

22) After make inside out only bodice.
Sew the topstitching 5mm from the edge.Sew the upper part of the facing by a sewing machine or if it is difficult, sew it by hand.
(covered with a skirt here)
23) Attach the snap.

Socket ------------ ball

Attach a socket to the front body.

attach a ball to the back body.

24) Put the upper half the body and lower body together face to face.
Avoid the part of the back of the upper part then.
25) Weave into upper lining 1cm inward and close it by hand-sewn loosely not to see a margin for a seam.

skirt parts
Put a fold to skirt portion with an iron and make pleats.
Pleats do not collapse after having folded it if you temporarily sew the place of 5mm coarsely from the top
28) Sew the topstitching 5mm from the edge.
29) Put the back skirt together face to face.

Sew the center back from the end of the opening.

Spread open the seam.

30) Sew the zipper.

31) Put the front skirt and back skirt together face to face.

Sew the side.

32) gathering to the hem
Because the edge of completion line and margin for a seam is a curve, a difference of the length comes out,
Therefore if you pull up a hem as it is, it is not finished neatly, so you do a gathering and regulate a surplus
33) How to squeeze gather
Make longer sew length on the machine.


34) Turn down the dial for the upper thread.
35) Start sewing from 1.5cm from the edge.
Sew 2 lines in margin to sew up.
Sew 2 lines gatherer better than 1 line.
For beginning of sewing , make sure have extra thread after machined. For the end make sure have extra thread and cut.

An enlarged picture
36)Fold a hem for 1 centimeter width by iron, while regulating gathers so that a big wrinkle does not occur.
Please sew a hem with a sewing machine if you can fold a line in a good balance.
waist belt parts

37) Put the front belt parts together face to face.
Snip at the a corner
38) Put a cut previously in the sleeve side of the back body a little bit inside sensuously than a seam.
39) Put the front belt parts and back belt parts together face to face.
(This omits the other side to be easy to look, but becomes symmetric at the center of the front section)
40) Open from a cut and change a direction and fit margins for a seam.
Repeat on the other end.
41) Sew the red line.

42) Turn it down for folding cloth inside out and sew the center of the rear like a figure

43)Prepare cotton
Fold them around 1-2 pieces.
Be careful that if you put them in too much, you cannot sew with a sewing machine.
Arrange a cotton right and left separately and it's OK without connection of both sides.
44)turn the material inside out.

Wad the waist belt.

Sew the edges 5-7mm from the edge.
Sew a belt part on folding cloth inside out to a skirt

Put the center belt and skirt together face to face.

Turn the waist belt to the right way.

Attach the snap .

When you put on the snap of the side to the constriction of the waist, but a little bit high portion sensuously,
your legs seems to be longer.
If you put on it lower, A skirt also hang down with the same, so please be careful!

Attach the snap.
Explanation on the pattern.
Area that apply interfacing.
Finishing line
margin to sew up
position where gather.
position where cover with baiastape, where mark the pattern.
adjusting position of sewing together. place cut already 5~7mm
adjusting position of sewing together. make a hall on the conner.
direction of material. layer this line will parallel with height of material.
Where the corner, drawing a point the material as a mark.
How to make cordons is here.
tailored collar jacket of paper pattern.
Please download a skirt and the collar from here.


With this one piece of paper pattern, You can make many clothes for Sailor Moon and Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus
and so on by exchanging a color
You can do a costume play of Sailor Moon at a costume play event together and
you can make a lot more easily than you buy all type of clothes

Size2 Bust 79~87cm Waist 64~70cm Hip 87~95cm Height 158cm

Can be worn under above size.

We made this pattern for person who from the above sizes.
Also this pattern come with 1/10 size. You don't have to count amount of material.
Just line up inside of 1/10 size and you can figure how much you need material.

*This is the paper pattern of leotards. The paper pattern of ribbon is not attached..

With this paper pattern,

you can obtain the clothes and also the pleasure to make clothes together !

This paper pattern is download date.
You have to install the Zip software(archiver) and an Adobe Readeror.
Both software is cost free.

This pattern already has base for sew base.

the way you are not going to mistake and finished up making smaller.

Also pattern has illustration of which parts, it is really easy to make.

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