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How to Sewing video.

How to make a box pleated skirt. (Haruhi like skirt.)


You can make those costume below the list.
Haruhi Suzumiya.
Mikuru Asahina.
Yuki Nagato.

tailored collar jacket of paper pattern.
Waist size 76cmbuy

1)Put the facing material on the reverse of belt.

Put the paper pattern on to the material and mark around it.
On youhave done this cut along the lines.

Fist rough cut material bigger than pattern. Also rough cut interfacing bigger than pattern and smaller than material and stick on the material with iron.

front side. reverse side. facing material.

2) Make a copy of paper pattern mark.

3) Do stitch holder all the cutting parts.
That is a method of zig zag sewing for home use.
Make edge of cloth comes to center of metal holder.
When needle goes down on right side, As to be forced out and sew zig zag.
This way a part that being forced out covering edge of cloth and not to get frayed.
Below URL : how to stitch holder.

Sew the red line in from the edge.

5) Make longer sew length on the machine.

Sew the blue line.

8) Sew the center back.

Spread open the seam.

9) Put the front skirt and back skirt together face to face.

Sew to the end of the opening.

10) Sewing in a invisible zipper.

How to sew the invisible zipper of video.

Spread open the seam.

11) Sew the other end.
Spread open the seam.
12) Put the skirt and belt together face toface.

Sew the red line.

13) Fold the belt in half.


Sew the side of belt 1cm in from edge.

Turn the material inside out.


Sew the belt 1cm in from edge.

15) Turn inside out and stitch where red line.

Sewing on hook. and eye

17) Fold the hem with an iron.

Sew the hem 1.5cm in from edge.

tailored collar jacket of paper pattern.
Waist size 76cmbuy

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